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Gift Packages with Bio-Traditional Products

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Discover the Magic of Authentic Taste: Organic Gift Packs from Transylvania's Finest Foods

While the hectic pace of everyday life captivates us, there is nothing more precious than remembering our roots and the authentic taste of bio-traditional products. Transylvania's Finest Foods has carefully crafted three varieties of gift baskets, offering an authentic taste experience from the heart of Transylvania. These baskets are not just gift packages, but real works of culinary art, combining tradition and biodiversity in each selected product.

Gift package for the holidays

Cosul Mic: A Bio-Traditional Delicacy
If you want to send a message of appreciation and love, Transylvania's Finest Foods Small Basket is the perfect choice. This refined basket includes a variety of bio-traditional products, designed to satisfy the most refined tastes:

Gift products for employees

Fuchs spices to flavor your dishes.
Delicious jam, an explosion of authentic flavors.
Honey with fruit or powder, an indulgent and healthy sweetener.
Acacia honey, a rich and natural treat.
Dried fruit in a bag, perfect for a nutritious snack.
Cold pressed sunflower oil, a healthy and tasty choice.
Jar of truffles, a culinary luxury.
Little Tuica for a traditional touch. And other products

The Middle Basket: An Aromatic Journey through Tradition
The Middle Basket from Transylvania's Finest Foods invites you on an unforgettable aromatic and taste journey. With a varied selection of products, this gift expresses not only love, but also respect for tradition:

Gift for the boss
LeBaron wine bottle to complement any special occasion.
Veloute with truffles, a refined delicacy.
Cold-pressed sunflower oil, to emphasize the flavors of your dishes.
Fruit honey and acacia honey, two shades of natural sweetness.
Delicious jam and tea in a bag or small jar, for moments of relaxation.
Fuchs spices, to enrich the culinary experience.
Little Tuica to harmoniously complete this selection of goodies. And other products

Cosul Mare: Luxury Bio-Traditional Feast
The Big Basket from Transylvania's Finest Foods is a luxurious organic traditional feast, perfect for sending a strong message of respect and appreciation. This box full of treats includes:

Gift ideas

Bottle of LeBaron Wine to celebrate special moments.
Fruit honey and acacia honey, two variants of natural sweetness.
Delicious jam and cold-pressed sunflower oil to enrich the taste of any dish.
Tea bags, Bioteaque tea and large filled jar tea, a vast selection for tea lovers.
Halves in oil, an explosion of flavors.
Fruit syrup for sweetening drinks or desserts.
Fuchs spices, to give extra flavor.
Jar of truffles, a real culinary treasure.
Dried fruit in a bag and powder in a jar, two delicious options.
Tuica Mare, to end on an authentic note. And other products.

Choose Transylvania's Finest Foods to give your loved ones a gift that not only satisfies the taste buds, but also celebrates the richness of organic tradition. With these gift baskets, you will create tasty and authentic memories that will last a long time. Convey your appreciation and love with a gift that speaks directly to the hearts and stomachs of your loved ones!

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