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Black truffles - How much do they cost?

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Black truffles: Culinary treasures from the Heart of Transylvania

Truffles are some of the most appreciated and sought after delicacies in the world of gastronomy. Their Latin name always begins with "tuber", reflecting their underground root.

In Transylvania, this wonderful region of Romania, we find two main types of edible black truffles, which add a refined and unique taste to any dish.

In this blog you will learn more about this delicacy. and you will find out how much a kg of black truffles costs.

Black truffles on a white background

Tuber Aestivum and Tuber Uncinatum: The Secrets of Black Truffles

Most of the truffles we find in this area are Tuber aestivum and Tuber uncinatum.

Tuber aestivum , also known as the summer truffle, is present until September 15. This truffle is not the famous black truffle, but it offers a subtle and delicious taste.

After Tuber aestivum, the season continues with Tuber uncinatum , which is basically the same type of truffle, but becomes more intense in flavor as the season progresses. These truffles are highly valued in the culinary world due to their rich and intense flavor. From mid-September to perhaps January, depending on weather conditions, these truffles remain available and continue to enrich gourmet meals.

Yellow Truffle

Another type of truffle that is occasionally found in this area is Tuber excavatum , also known as the yellow truffle. Although I found one, it is not edible, but it adds diversity and fascination to the local truffle ecosystem.

To understand the fascinating world of truffles even better, we recommend watching our video in which our truffle specialist Jacob explains in detail the characteristics and secrets of these precious mushrooms.

Quality guarantee

Transylvania's Finest Foods for natural products.

Our truffles, picked from the heart of Transylvania with the help of trained dogs, are recognized for their superior quality. Whether you choose dried or frozen truffles, we guarantee you a top product. Quality is maintained through advanced packaging methods and techniques developed over the years.

What is the price of our truffle products?

Price of black truffles:

Price of frozen truffle slices, 1kg, find out the price here :

Frozen truffles cut small, 1kg, find out the price here :

Medium-cut frozen truffles, 1kg, find out the price here

Frozen black truffles, quality 1, 1kg, find out the price here

Frozen black truffles, quality 1, 500g, find out the price here

Other truffle products: Price of truffle products. Here

Truffle products - Truffles in brine

On request, in season, we also deliver fresh truffles to order, directly from the heart of Transylvania.

All our products are of the highest quality, bringing the authentic taste of truffles straight to your kitchen.

Truffles are a culinary treasure, and Transylvania offers an ideal habitat for these delicacies. Whether you are a passionate gourmet or a professional chef, our truffle products will transform your dishes into a real gastronomic experience. Explore and savor the authenticity and refinement of Transylvanian truffles!

Truffle products - price truffles

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