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How to serve mushrooms in oil

retete celebre retete traditionale Transylvania's Finest Food


We recommend you to try a delicious serving of boletus edulis mushrooms in oil! It's a simple and tasty way to enjoy the rich aroma and taste of these special mushrooms.

Halves of mushrooms in oil

Boletus edulis, also known as boletus, one of the most popular varieties of mushrooms. This species of mushroom is distinguished by its intense aroma, rich taste and meaty texture, making it an ideal choice for mushroom lovers and passionate chefs.


Hribi Bio Web

Characterized by a large, dark brown hat up to 15 centimeters in diameter, Boletus edulis has a distinctive and attractive appearance. The leg is robust and usually white on top, while the underside of the leg shows a fine, distinct web. The flesh is compact, white in color and, after cooking, takes on a slightly brownish hue.

Hribis are very versatile in the kitchen and can be prepared in various ways. They can be fried or grilled, added to soups, stews or risottos, or used as fillings for various dishes. Their deep aroma and flavor add a distinctive touch to any dish in which they are used.

In our online store, you can order fresh and high quality mushrooms. Whether you are a keen cook or want to enjoy a fine dining experience, Boletus edulis mushrooms are the perfect choice. By selecting the best herbs and ensuring their freshness, we want to provide you with the ideal ingredients to create delicious and memorable dishes.

Organic mushrooms Boletus Edulis web

In addition to Hribi, we recommend serving various delicacies to satisfy the taste buds of your guests:

Pickeld sweet pepper paprika 

Eggplant salad

Bean stew or black hummus (with black garlic )

Mashed vegetables


You can order Half boletus edulis mushrooms in oil here.

At the Boutique Hotel Le Baron in Găneşti, our specialty of Half boletus edulis mushrooms in oil is extremely appreciated by our customers. This delicious and refined dish is frequently requested, offering an outstanding dining experience.

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