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Pumpkin sorbet - super simple recipe

produse ecologice fine retete celebre retete traditionale Transylvania's Finest Food

Pumpkin Sorbet Recipe - proposed by Transylvania's Finest Food is a festive drink served as an aperitif or even digestif, or it can be presented as a dessert for adults. With small adjustments, the Pumpkin Sorbet recipe can become the favorite dish of the little ones - when it comes to healthy recipes with pumpkin.

Used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical products, pumpkin, well-known for its beneficial properties, should be included in the diet. But before the benefits, we can't help but review some aspects of Sorbet - this preparation with a low fat content - much healthier than ice cream...

Curiosities about Sorbet

Benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkin Sorbet Recipe


Curiosities about Sorbet

  • sorbet is as sweet as ice cream, but it is not ice cream! ...but a dessert made of mashed or frozen fruit juice;
  • it seems it was invented before ice cream
  • it does not contain milk, cream or cream, which makes it a favorite dish for both vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance;
  • sorbet is often served between meals, but it can be offered both as a stand-alone dessert and before, during or after the main course;
  • any fruit can be used for sorbet, it is sweetened with honey or sugar syrup, and some recipes contain alcohol.

Benefits of pumpkin consumption

  • pumpkin can help regulate blood pressure; reduces the occurrence of diabetes; strengthens the immune system; helps to improve vision;
  • with a low calorie content, pumpkin stimulates weight loss;
  • prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases - due to the high content of potassium and vitamin C;
  • due to its high fiber content, pumpkin is beneficial for improving digestion
  • having a rich content of magnesium, pumpkin seeds improve the quality of sleep and maintain the health of the urinary system;

Pumpkin sorbet recipe - ingredients:

100 g frozen pumpkin puree
50 g dates (cut into cubes)
100 ml of peach juice
50 ml champagne
10 ml agurida or lemon juice

For decoration: pumpkin seeds, mint, pepper.

The preparation is extremely simple - put in the mixer: frozen pumpkin, peach juice, champagne, agurida or lemon juice, add - instead of sugar or sugar syrup - the cut dates and mix well.

To emphasize the festive note, we recommend serving the pumpkin sorbet in champagne glasses.

The decoration - according to preference - is made by adding pepper, pumpkin seeds, mint leaves.

* to turn this dish into one that children like, you can supplement the amount of dates and eliminate the champagne.

** also, dates can be replaced with raisins

More details in the video recipe here:

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