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Transylvania Shepherd's Pie

produse ecologice fine retete celebre retete traditionale Transylvania's Finest Food

The proposed Transylvanian Shepherd's Pie is inspired by the famous Shepherd's Pie recipe, but at Transylvania's Finest Food traditional organic local ingredients were used. To ennoble the taste of this recipe: Transilvania Shepherd's pie , we recommend a velvety and fine wine with notes of dried plums served at a temperature of 16 - 18 ° C.

Bellows cheese, pumpkin (in the form of puree, seeds, oil), Hungarian sausage are just a few ingredients that enhance the flavor of this absolutely delicious dish.

Transilvania shepherd's pie is a special kind of food - due to the explosion - of tastes and textures - which generates it - and it has an incomparable taste - which must be tried.

To counter the question " is Shepherd's Pie healthy?" at Transylvania's Finest Food we made some adjustments - as far as the ingredients are concerned - so that the recipe is as healthy as it is tasty.

Due to the balanced content of mineral and bioactive substances, traditional organic products are an excellent option for a balanced diet, without high caloric intake or unhealthy fats.

About the advantages of organic products that lead to a balanced lifestyle, but also about curiosities regarding this recipe, you can find details below:

Curiosities about Shepherd's Pie
The benefits of the ingredients used in the recipe proposed by Transylvania's Finest Food
Transylvania Shepherd's Pie recipe


Curiosities about Shepherd's Pie

  • Shepherd's Pie - is a savory dish prepared in the oven from minced meat covered with mashed potatoes; the meat used can be pre-cooked or freshly chopped;
  • the origin of the recipe is lost over time; it seems that the famous Shepherd's Pie recipe comes from Ireland and the northern parts of England;
  • it is believed that housewives invented the pie as an easy way to reuse the leftovers from the Sunday roast;
  • although nowadays, most shepherd's pies contain mashed potatoes, the original recipe was baked in a pastry crust;
  • so that the puree layer does not fall apart, it must have a fairly firm consistency; the cheese in the composition will help to form a suitable texture.

The benefits of using organic products:

  • organic products contain more active nutrients than other regular ingredients; organic vegetables and fruits have up to 40% more antioxidants;
  • organic products do not contain ingredients dangerous to health such as chemicals; organic products do not contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or risky fertilizers;
  • organic products do not harm the environment;
  • in organic dairy products there are up to 80% more antioxidants and nutrients than in products from animals fed with conventional feed;
  • organic ingredients are much tastier than those for mass consumption.

  The Transylvania Shepherd's Pie recipe needs the following ingredients:

200 g mashed potatoes
200 g pumpkin puree
125 g minced pork mixture | beef
70 g of bellows cheese
60 g Hungarian sausage
80 g chopped onion
80 g chopped carrot
100 ml white wine
a few teaspoons of pumpkin oil
salt, pepper, paprika | quickly

For decoration: bacon, fried pumpkin seeds, parsley, donut.

To begin with, we put the bacon in the pan, just to fry it a little. In the remaining lard (optional | it can be replaced with pumpkin oil), first put the cubed sausage in the pan, then add the carrot and onion, let the vegetables soften a little, and then add the wine.

... after a few minutes, add the minced meat mixture. We adjust the spices to taste, and if necessary we add just a little water. As the filling lends its flavors, put the mashed potatoes (prepared according to preference) in an even layer in a heat-insulating dish.

When the filling is ready, add it over the layer of potatoes; In the pan that is still hot, add the pumpkin puree (prepared according to your preference) together with the cheese and mix to obtain a creamy content. When this tasty mixture is ready, we put it in an even layer over the filling and enrich its flavor by sprinkling with a few teaspoons of pumpkin oil.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees C.

While the dish is in the oven, roast the pumpkin seeds. When the dish is ready, decorate with parsley, donuts, pumpkin seeds and "crown" the dish with fried bacon.

See the video recipe for more details:

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