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Truffles - a recipe for an incredible dessert

produse ecologice fine retete celebre retete traditionale Transylvania's Finest Food

Truffles = the black gold of gastronomy - the Mozart of mushrooms - the diamond of the kitchen. These are just some of the labels that truffles have won over time.

The truffle dessert recipe proposed by Transylvania's Finest Food is incredible for at least 3 reasons: it is very quick, very simple and at the same time very tasty and healthy. What else can we add about it: it can be served both as a dessert and as an appetizer or entree.

Truffles, considered the jewels of luxury cuisine, represent the extra flavor that makes the difference when it comes to a gourmet dish. The combination of fresh truffles and acacia honey is one of the simplest but effective tricks that you should try in your own kitchen.

Some consider them to be magical, others therapeutic, but one thing is certain, they are healthy and natural.


Curiosities about truffles
The benefits of truffle consumption
Incredible dessert recipe with truffles


Curiosities about truffles :

  • the name truffle comes from the Latin word tuber and means lumpy;
  • since ancient times, truffles have been known to be a fine aphrodisiac;
  • although many liken truffles to mushrooms, they grow underground to a depth that varies between 1-20 cm - they have no legs, roots and no cap;
  • truffles have been known for almost 4000 years: in Ancient Greece it was believed that truffles were made by lightning striking the ground, the Romans consumed them for their therapeutic properties, and the Egyptians ate them covered with goose fat;
  • the uninitiated may confuse real truffles with the so-called "desert truffle", a fake truffle, similar to the real one, which does not have its own taste, but has the ability to absorb the flavors around it;
  • it is considered that truffles are the most expensive natural food.


Benefits of consuming truffles

  • lowers cholesterol
  • controls blood sugar
  • helps to regenerate the liver
  • reduces inflammation
  • fights bacterial infections
  • helps prevent cancer


Incredible dessert recipe with truffles

For this recipe we need:

80 g butter (fat)
4 slices of bread (without crust)
a fresh truffle
acacia honey (to taste)


Fry the slices of bread according to your preference, spread them with butter, add acacia honey to taste, and then grate the fresh truffle.

Simple - tasty and healthy!

For more details see the video recipe here:

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